Gregg Stockton – Firm Administrator

Gregg StocktonOur newest team member is Gregg Stockton, who joined our team full-time as Firm Administrator in February 2012.  What in the world is a Firm Administrator, you might ask?  It just means that Gregg is the glue that holds everything together!

Gregg Stockton’s Responsibilities

Gregg’s responsibilities include managing such things as talent, facilities, marketing, technology and internal controls.  In other words, he does pretty much everything except taxes and accounting.  His hands-on approach to problem-solving and his attention to detail adds a much-appreciated level of calm consistency and support to the entire team – allowing all of us to be much more productive.

We hope you take the time to introduce yourself to Gregg the next time you’re in one of our offices.  He’s sort of hard to miss, as he currently the only guy at the firm. . . . . Luckily, he can include patience as one of his many good qualities!  On the personal side, Gregg is devoted to his family and close friends and when we can’t find him and the sun is out, that means he is somewhere out driving in what he calls “The Machine”.

Gregg’s email: